Why are we always affected by the thought of “what they think and how they see”?
How they see portrays their attitude not yours. Learn yourself explore yourself life is all within you. Searching answers outside isn’t going to work. Adversity is within you.

Be kind , be funny, be stupid, be wise, be intelligent, be a student, be a teacher,lift people,be weird,be everything in the world. You ought to take up the roles , it’s never going to come to you as such. Go in search of your own self.

Listen, read, learn,practice,fail,fail again, get insulted, get stabbed, fight, fight harder, win yourself everyday, face everything that you fear, grow up everyday.

Love, get broken, get burnt , be the phoenix escape the fire, fly high like the eagle.

Trust people, get back stabbed, get betrayed, lose faith in humans , meet new people, imply what you learnt,learn to fight your battle alone ,learn that you are more important ,fight hard.

Use every stone they throw on you to build your castle. Anybody can come from 0-100. Talent isn’t everything when talent doesn’t work hard then it becomes of no use . But anything you work hard for you will receive. The more you get stabbed the more higher will life take you. The one’s who laugh at you today will respect your tomorrow. You are worth more than what you think you are.

Face and then learn. Every life’s lesson is within you. Be the queen or king of your own life. You ought to be your first priority . Life is never an excuse.

Accept when you are wrong, apologize when necessary, be thankful every second, let go when it hurts, hold on when you are happy, stay when they lack motivation, move when you aren’t respected, have a sincere and genuine smile, say no when situation demands,believe in your intuition,care when needed, just don’t give a damn when they gossip.

Live don’t survive. Explore yourself.


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